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Below are my Blogs, photos and links worth sharing.  Enjoy!  This site is under construction.


Latest Blog Updates

Latest Photos -  Updated 10/07 with the latest pictures of my Star Wars collection from (Taken in 2006). New pics coming hopefully soon.
Check out the latest updates to a couple of the blogs I have:

  • Regular Blog  I'm working on a 365 video games in 365 days project. All through 2010, there will be weekly updates. 
  • Star Wars Collecting Blog  Last updated in March 2010 with some talk of liquidating the toys.


Links to Friends Sites Here are a few. Did I miss yours?  Let me know.

Communities & Forums  A couple of places I like to hang around on the web.

ImIdaho-  Andrew's Website
Just0ne-  Justin's Website
The Scarlet House- Mike and Heather's coffee shop
PDMZ-  Peter's website
Photospaz-  Carol's Site
Alex Crick- his photo site
Garrison Titan - Official Site
Alpha Base - Official Site

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