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My Second Star Wars room was finished being built in 2006. I only displayed things there for about 4 months, because at the end of the year we decided to move again.  It was a HUGE space and I always wonder what it might have looked like if I could have finished it.

Carded figs

Mostly internet and other exclusives

Silver figures (I may have to open these and make a chrome army someday)

JediCon 2 pack (best thing about this was the box)

The room begins to take shape in the fall of 2006

This wall was mostly AOTC stuff

12" figures, almost all out of the packaging.

While I was setting this stuff up, I was still buying all the Revenge of the Sith figures, almost faster than I could open them.

Hoth and Tatooine shelves

Everything was organized by scene in the movie

Here you can see a glimpse of the pilots and their ships

The very bottom shelf was going to be all Episode 1

All those carded army builders still make me cringe to this day. They are all open now. :-)

WAY too many boxed up toys.

M&Ms, Kotos, Evolutions....they never got to see the light of day in my last Star Wars room.

The Arena Display was coming along pretty nicely

I had a pretty big battle set up here.

Complete with creatures

I'd like to set up a display twice as big someday.

Unleashed shelves

Endor and ROTJ shelf

Jabba's palace

Bustups and other figures to be opened later

Episode 1 12"

Our wedding cake toppers make an appearance

My little Vader store display

Bottle caps and some of the miniatures

The Speeder Bikes...some of my favorite 12" figures.

Not sure how that glass of water got in there. :-)

Galactic Heroes

Pick out the one that doesn't belong

Ah yes, all those carded 501st troopers

They're all loose now, but for a few months, this is how they were displayed.

Heather's Jem collection. Never did get set up at this house.

My South Park/Simpsons/Halo/VA closet.

Some VA figures, a few Muppets...

Muppets, South Park, a mannequin I was going to put some armor on.

Simpsons and Clerks stuff

Exclusive Kevin Smith figures

Chef, complete with Salty Balls

Jay and Silent Bob

This room was awesome, but we decided to move. Bring on Star Wars Room 3!



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