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Although this wasn't really my first Star Wars room, it was my first dedicated collection room at my house in Redmond, WA.  It was a Tiny Room, but I fit a lot of stuff in there:

In 2002, I moved my collection into a spare bedroom and created my first room devoted exclusively to the collection

Bought some shelves at Home Depot and cut them to fit the walls exactly

There was finally room for my R2-D2 cooler to be displayed (he had been in the garage for years)

Images taken while I still hadn't opened everything yet

Look at all those carded figures! Yikes!

The tiny room had a mirrored closet, which made it look a little bigger.

All those POTF2 figures. Sigh.

Japanese Bottle caps.

These pictures were apparently taken before I discovered my camera had a flash.

My first Death Star Shuttle arrival scene. It's grown a bit since then. :-)

Oddly enough, I think my first real army building was done with Battle Droids.

Four bookshelves back to back in the center of the room housed my entire Hasbro 12" collection.

Taken from the door, looking in

I never blocked out the window with anything but the blinds. What an amateur.

Almost all of these 12" figures came from one collector

He drove them up from Oregon in the back of his truck

Seeing them all together was really cool. They took up my entire living room.

The only picture I took looking out into the hallway (that was my bedroom door across the hall).



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