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In July 2006, we began work on a Star Wars room in our new home. We started with black walls with white trim, then added white shelving and a ton of light to brighten up the room a bit. We brought in some glass display cases that I picked up from some cell-phone stores that were liquidating and created a whole new place to display the collection.  We spent the next 5 months opening the toys and what you see below is the room as it looked from December 2006 to February 2007.  There is much more work to be done and those pics are coming soon!

Lots of army builders are opened now

Rows of troops

Episode 4 shelves

Detolfs filled with Sideshow, Kotos and more

Detolf displays

Gentle Giant wall. 2 detolfs, a display case and some wall shelves filled with all my GG stuff.

View of the room in December 2006 from the closet corner.

Looking towards the door (at unleashed, ROTJ and Empire shelves)

little arena diorama circa December 2006

Episode 1 stuff

Experimenting with plastic riser shelves.

The room circa Spring 2007. A few changes, added some more Sideshow.

Looking into one of the detolfs

Spring 2007, armies are growing

Kotos in a Detolf, in front of a Star Wars blind, covering a blacked out window

Original Trilogy Hasbro 12" figures

This is December 2006 timeframe, cluttered with Galactic Heroes, BK toys, Hasbro 12", Japanese Pepsi caps, Holo figures, Micro Machines, Disney and more.

MR Minis

Some of the GG repaint busts

GG ROTS shelf, from December 2006

Rancor peeking out from on top of the shelves. Noticed the painted popcorn ceiling.

Shuttle arrival and minis taken January 2007

Added some Sideshow 1/4 statues, taken February 2007

Christmas present from Heather, taken Feb 07

Bust ups and GG statues

Empire Hasbro shelves

ROTJ Hasbro shelves

Unleashed shelves

Prequel Hasbro 12" figs

More Prequel Hasbro 12" figs

Slightly re-organized misc. cabinet, taken June 2007 Added Celebration 4 medallions, TAC coin book.

Looking towards closet door

The last picture of the room before the big move.

Taken during the big project to add another display area to the house. Pictures of that will be coming soon!



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