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The construction of my Second Star Wars Room.

This is the collection as it looked when we moved in to the new house.

I moved all the loose vehicles in the back of a friend's Subaru, and the boxed stuff in the moving truck.

The boxes hold some loose, but mostly carded figures.

My costumes are there in the bins.

Messy, isn't it?

This room had two closets. This one was to house my collections that weren't Star Wars related.

Here's the emptied room with the shelves from the last one.

We did some measuring and realized we'd need a lot more shelves to fill this room up.

John, Heather and I talk it over.

This is the second closet in the room, which we were going to make into a display for Heather's Jem collection.

Here you can see the first closet again, which had a bunch of built in shelves.

I moved the book cases that once held my 12" figures into the 1st closet.

They made great storage for my Gentle Giant stuff (which had never been opened yet).

A late night trip to Home Depot with Heather's Saturn to pick up more shelving.

We actually fit into the car with all these shelves, believe it or not.

I'm so glad we didn't have to stop suddenly.

Heather cut some blackout material (left over from my Scout costume) and covered up the window.

I started bolting up the railings.

The first screws we bought kept breaking, so I went back and got deck screws, designed for...well..decks. I also bought a special drill bit.

Broken screw

These new ones went in much quicker.

4 to 5 screws per railing, depending on it's height.

We bought shelves that were 12" deep and some that were 15".

Once the railings were in, we started putting on the brackets.

Heather creates a cool staggered design.

Decided to mix the 12" and 15" shelves, they looked pretty cool that way.

Every shelf was level, which meant a job well done.

One figure is already set up. Only hundreds left to go!



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