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Back when I was living with roommates and working as a software tester, I didn't have a lot of room in my bedroom for my Star Wars display, so I brought my collection to work with me.  People would walk by my door and stop to stare, others would bring friends from other buildings to come see the freaky Star Wars office. I was a contractor, so I moved offices three different times between 1999 and 2000.  This was the last time I had a Star Wars office at work, finally boxing it all up for storage in May of 2000.

View of my old Star Wars office at work looking in from the door

My bookshelf (not a book to be found!)

The Pepsi cans were making the rounds in the kitchens at work, I remember running from building to building to collect them all whenever someone alerted me to a new one.

I didn't have too many open figures back then, but here were a few of them.

My Episode 1 and orange card wall.

POTF2 stuff

Hard to believe I ever got any work done back then.

This AT-AT is still missing one missle today thanks to either the janitor or some random passer-by playing with it in my office over 7 years ago.




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